Building Miniblog.Core

I wanted to create a new blog engine based on ASP.NET Core that would take advantage of modern browsers to create the best possible experience for both visitors and authors. That meant that the blog had to load very fast, provide a great reading experience, look awesome on all types of devices and handle all the technical stuff like social media integration and search engine optimization automatically.

Web fonts

Selecting the right font is crucial to providing a good experience for the readers of the blog. Usually that means using a custom web font that is being loaded and used by CSS. The issue with custom web fonts is that the browser needs to download them and that can take a while on a slow mobile connection.

Instead, I wanted to use fonts that are built in to the various browsers to provide the same high quality reading experience but without the extra file download. Here’s the CSS I use:

Nametestsdf  zcsdfdsf dsfsd


My test Image





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