Angular 6
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Angular v6 should be released pretty soon (hopefully!). As we’re getting closer to the grand Angular 6 finale, we start to see bits and pieces of what is shaping up to be a great version. RC.2 is here.

In theory, rc.2 should be the last release candidate, which means Angular v6 is right around the corner. We’re not sure if this is actually going to happen since beta.8 wasn’t planned but still occurred.

Anyway, the third —and possibly the last— release candidate brings seven bugfixes and one feature, namely:

  • compiler-cli: lower loadChildren fields to allow dynamic module paths (#23088) (550433a)


Update April 3, 2018

The second release candidate is here and it brings almost 20 bugfixes and two features:


  • bazel: prefix private-export (barred-latin-o) symbols (#23007) (27e14b2)
  • compiler: lower @NgModule ids if needed (#23031) (bd024c0)


Update March 29, 2018

We know that Angular v6 is now feature complete so there’s no reason to worry about it.

However, since there are some differences between the tentative schedule and the changelog, one could think that the release date might be pushed back again.

Source: Angular v6 tentative schedule

Of course, it might happen that they release more release candidates at the same time like they did with beta.8 and RC.0. Either way, Angular v6 is in the pipeline and it’s already feature complete so it won’t be long before we’ll have the chance to play with it.


Update March 21, 2018

First came beta.8, then came RC.0. There are actually a lot of features in beta.8 (which wasn’t even planned) so you might want to have a look.

There are some breaking changes, too — read more about them here.


That said, Angular 6 is now feature complete. Although the cli and material/cdk parts of the upcoming release, along with the other integrations are still in development, they will be ready by the time Angular 6 is out.

The first release candidate brings six bugfixes and two features.


Last but not least, it seems that Angular 6 will be released in early April, not late March.

Angular 6 release schedule


Update March 8, 2018

The last beta is here — unlike bountiful Beta.6, which brought 16 bugfixes, 15 features, and five breaking changes, Beta.7 only contains three bugfixes.

This time next week, we will have entered the release candidate phase. And in three weeks time’, we’ll finally have Angular 6. Good times ahead!



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