Tone & Voice
Personify your brand to enliven company culture and ensure a consistent voice. In this section, you can also specify visual and grammatical guidelines for written communication.
Briefly overview the overarching approach to your brand's communication. Consider a paragraph like this:
At Acme Corp, we always speak in a way that reflects our brand and values. The words we choose always put our users first, helping them better understand, navigate, and find value in our products.
Type /table of contents to add a clickable snapshot of the content.
Compose your content with headings, text and bullet lists. Use Heading 1 (type /h1) to designate sections and Heading 2 and Heading 3 (/h2 and /h3) for sub-sections. You might include an emoji with each Heading 1 to help differentiate sections. The template includes these core sections: Guiding Principles, UI Guidelines, and Grammar.
Include the various file types for downloading, such as PNG and SVG: for each, type /file and select the file.


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