• HexoEditor
    • Hexo Post Preview same as in Browser
    • Hexo Tag/Filter/Renderer support
    • Use Hexo _config.yml support
    • Quick New Post in hexo source
    • Quick Modify File Name (In Hexo Post Edit)
    • Quick Deploy Post
    • Quick Hexo Command hexo d,hexo g,hexo s,hexo clean
    • Auto Change Image to Markdown
      • Support Drag Image
      • Support Paste Clipboard Image
    • Support Image Cloud (One Step Upload)
    • Quick Start (Common Directory, Common URL)
    • Scorll Together/None
  • HexoEditor (Inherit Moeditor)
    • GitHub Flavored Markdown
    • TeX math expressions
    • UML diagrams
    • Code highlight in editor
    • Read/Write/Preview mode
    • Custom font / line height / font size
    • Custom themes
    • Code highlight themes (powered by highlight.js)
    • Auto reload
    • Localization
    • Focus mode



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