don't forget the statement of "computers are machines".

what are machines do? machines were upgraded versions of tools. more complicated than an ordinary repairment tool. but have complicated design.

for example an hammer 🔨. can you say it is a machine... i guess no. but a drill? you can say this is a machine. because there are something automatic in drill. so machines are diffirent from tools. automation makes a tool to a machine. in that way electronic devices are also a machine. 

what is the importance of this? 

this is important because we use a computer as a machine not like a friend or employee or a co-worker. machines are just machines.

Bonsack machine

machines makes our jobs automatic. they have programmed buy its inventor. they do their programmed work again and again. there is no bore, no exhaust, anything about human weeknesses... we use these devices as a slave. 

we use techniques when we are doing our job. and when we realised we can automatize these stupid works. we allways try to invent a machine. the computer is a consequense of this idea. mor sofhisticated more intelligent but finally a stupid machine. 

relaise the machine type: electronic. lats think the mecanic machine. what is the diffirence? yes being an electronic machine make sense now. 


SSEM Manchester museum close up


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